Student studio of optical phenomena in semiconductor structures

Person in charge: Dr hab. Professor UR Jacek Polit


This lab enables the investigation of phenomena and optical properties in both semiconductor nanostructures, liquids and gaseous substances. Optical instruments in the studio allow the measurement of optical properties in the range of far infrared through the visible range to the ultraviolet. They also allow students to become acquainted with the most contemporary methodology of measuring selected optical properties.


  • Hitachi F-2500 fluorescence spectrometer

The Hitachi F-2500 spectrofluorimeter is a device for the basic study of fluorescence phenomena. The specimen is excited by the monochromatic light generated by the short-arc xenon lamp in the range of 220 to 800 nm. His high sensitivity allows him to study relationships
With nanomolar concentration. Variable slot, horizontal excitation of the sample and the possibility of testing
In an inert gas atmosphere, it allows adjustment of parameters to the sample and its volume or concentration.

  • FT-IR Nicolet 6700 Spectrometer

The FT-IR NICOLET 6700 spectrometer from Thermo Scientific gives you high quality spectra
Infrared: 400-4000 cm-1. The spectrometer is particularly useful for surface composition studies, thin polymer layers already at 20 nm, and films. Computer-based spectral processing, built-in spectral database of substances (over 10,000 spectra), and rapid search and matching of spectra allow for easy spectral analysis and identification of substances.

  • Nicolet DXR SmartRaman Spectrometer

Innovative design for quick and easy identification and quantitative analysis without sample preparation. Raman for quality control laboratories and for routine measurements. The DXR SmartRaman spectrometer is a device designed for versatility sampling. It is easy to use. Its unique feature, as both experts and non-experts say, is to provide optimum results effortlessly.

  • UV-VIS Evolution 300 spectrophotometer

High-performance dual-beam, variable-beam spectrophotometer with two versions of cameras:

 - Spectrophotometer with built-in color LCD and software
In Polish, allowing for the removal of spectra, measurements at constant wavelength, quantitative analysis, kinetic measurements, multicomponent analysis;

 - UV-Vis spectrometer controlled from an external PC with extensive VISIONpro software, VISIONlife operating in Windows® environment.