Student laboratories of nanopreparaty

Responsible person: Dr Dariusz Płoch

Nanopreparatory workshop aims to introduce students to the modern field of nanostructures and nanotechnology - materials containing extremely small objects in the nanometer range (1 nm = 109 meters). Research in nanotechnology combines modern physics, chemistry and biology and is centered on quantum structures (quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots), molecular systems, living cells.

Observations and work with such small objects include instruments such as atomic force microscopes (AFMs), scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs), scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), as well as tools for initial preparation of, among others: vacuum evaporator, ultramicron, Trimmer, ion cutting machine.

The workshop is divided into two parts.

In the first part of the course there are basic classes of preparation of the tested formulations, as well as the teaching of AFM, STM and SEM.

The second part uses more advanced (near-scientific) versions of AFM, STM, SEM instruments, mechanical / optical profilometers, surface testing instruments as continuation, and supplementary Nanopreparatory training - recent engineering and even master's work.