Technological Laboratory of Nanolithography with Photolithography


Technological Laboratory of Nanolithography with Photolithography



Professor Dr hab. Jerzy Wróbel - Laboratory Manager

Dr Małgorzata Pociask

Dr. Dariusz Płoch

MSc. Przemysław Cypryś
Mgr Ewa Bobko



Photovoltaic and nanolithography lab - located in clean rooms and divided into two stations. The first nanolithography station utilizing an electron scanning microscope equipped with an additional ion cathode (dual beam configuration) and a dedicated Raith control system. This configured system allows you to produce Nano-patterns in two ways:


By electron lithography along with the process of chemical digestion (wet digestion),
Ionic lithography - the so-called. Dry digestion

The electron-ion nanolithography system should allow patterns with a resolution of at least 20nm.

The second system dedicated to lithography is the position of classical photolithography using ultraviolet light. The system consists of a centrifuge for photoresist emulsions - spin coater, hot plate fixation plate, mask aligner and an after exposure process.



SEM / FIB - Scanning electron microscopy

The method provides data on topography and composition (surface fluorescence). Observations are made of surfaces of the order of nanometers, transformed into a digital image

The apparatus allows the image of the examined structure to be mapped to an accuracy of better than 1 nm. With a wide range of 1pA-100nA test current

The electron lithography process is based on SEM electron beam digestion by MBE nanostructures. A "bitmap" mask is applied to the SEM operating software program to be executed. Once the etching of the structure is done, contact the vacuum metal dust (gold) and attach the wire to the hydraulic press. This is the most advanced technology of nano-electronic circuitry, enabling resolution of about 1 nm. It will be used for the completion of master's and doctoral theses.



Dimensions of test material - 150 mm (diameter) and thickness 4mm

Resolution 1 nm, for 15kV

The current is 1pA-100nA

Accelerating voltage 0.5-30kV

Full resolution image 1280x960 pix

Scan speed 25/30 fps