Coordinate Measuring Laboratory

Person in charge: Dr Ireneusz Stefaniuk


Coordinate Measuring  Laboratory

Coordinate measuring technology is different from classical metrology measurement strategy - it is based on computer-controlled measurement information in discrete form and allows to determine the dimensions of spatially-shaped machine parts with relatively high accuracy.

This technique is characterized by measurement procedures based on the values ​​of the coordinates of the measuring points. Points located during the measurement process are the basis for determining all geometric figures from which the measured element is composed.

The Coordinate Measuring Technology Laboratory at CDMNiMj is equipped with the CONTURA G2 coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss.

The coordinate measuring machine works with:

 - VAST XT measuring heads,

- storage of measuring spindles,


 CALYPSO is a versatile software that can also be used with third-party machines. Calypso enables manual measurement using the manipulator and in CNC mode based on the program written. It supports contact and non-contact measuring headspracujące stykowo i bezstykowo