X-ray diffraction laboratory

Person in charge: Dr Ireneusz Stefaniuk


X-ray diffraction lab

One of the most important methods of controlling the MBE layers is the so-called. XRD - from the English "X-ray diffractometers" - X-ray diffraction.

The lab is equipped with BRUKER D8 ADVANCE Diffractometer with full data analysis software.


BRUKER D8 ADVANCE Diffractometer

The following measurements and exercises are possible in the laboratory:

    Qualitative and quantitative analysis by powder diffraction,
Study of polymorphism of materials by powder diffraction at elevated temperatures,
Determination of the size and shape of crystallites by X-ray diffraction,
Identification of the type and distribution of elements by means of X-ray microanalysis,
Orientation of crystals by crystallographic axis,
Determination of fixed monocrystals,
Determination of mono crystalline solids solids composition.