Laboratory of Computer Measurement Systems

Person in charge: Dr Dariusz Żak


Using the hardware and software resources of the didactic studio students learn about the principles of construction and the basic measurement methods used in computer systems for measuring non-electrical and electrical quantities. They will learn principles of digital measurement methods of basic size, construction of non-electrical size sensors, and analog and digital elements of measuring systems. They will gain the ability to use the integrated graphical LabVIEW programming environment to design systems based on computer-based measurement cards, virtual instruments, and GPIBbus-based measurement systems (IEEE-488.1, 488.2). They will acquire practical skills in creating complex measurement and control systems.


1. National Instruments LabView 2011

2. Circuit Design Site 11

3. NI Vision Builder AI 3.6

4. COMSOL 4.0


1. NI ELVIS II multi-purpose teaching platform

2. Platform for programming Freescale microcontrollers

3. Fluke 8846A Multimeter

4. Keithley current source

5. USB Card - GPIB

6. PC class PC

Using the Multisim package and the NI Elvis II integrated platform, students learn the principles of combinatorial and sequential components of digital circuitry. They acquire basic skills in designing, simulating and validating digital circuits.