Low temperature scientific luminescence laboratory



Dr hab. Jacek Polit prof. UR - Laboratory Manager

Mgr Renata Wojnarowska

Mgr inż. Kinga Maś




The aim of the laboratory is to measure luminescence parameters and to determine energy states at low temperatures of 4,2K low-dimensional structures

Workshop description:


It allows for precise quality control of the received low-dimensional structures by analyzing the position of the energy states from which the doping level and its distribution can be determined.

The main components of the station are a laser with a wavelength of 680 nm and a power of 100 mV. The laser power is controlled by a shutter. Cryostat with sample holder for measuring at temperatures up to 4.2 K, microscope lens, HORIBA HR 550 monochromator with diffraction gratings up to 1500nm with the number of scratches from 150 mm to 900 pixels per mm. Camera preview set of lenses and filters. Illumination of the sample, a set of lenses and filters. And a computer set containing a specialized control program. The system is located on an anti-vibration optical table.

As a result of the measurements, luminescence intensity curves are obtained from the position. From the position and shape of the curve, the energy structure of the samples under investigation is estimated.






The result of the luminescence curve for a structure containing GaAs.