MBE Technological Laboratory with quality control of manufactured SIMS structures

MBE Technological Laboratory and nanostructure quality control


Professor Dr hab. Eugeniusz Szeregij - prof. Director, Laboratory Manager

prof. Dr hab. Mikołaj Berchenko - prof. zw.

Dr. Charles Becker - prof. visiting

Dr Ireneusz Stefaniuk - st. Director of teaching ..

Mgr Małgorzata Trzyna - assistant

Mgr Mariusz Woźny - assistant

Mgr Jakub Grendysa - scientific and technical worker

Mgr Marek Witalec - engineer and administration



          Double RIBER COMPACT 21 Double                                                                                    Mass Spectrometer TOF-SIMS


The laboratory incorporates the Double RIBER COMPACT 21 installation with quality control of the structures obtained: Secondary Mass Spectrometry - TOF-SIMS, which allows for composition control to an accuracy of 1018 cm-3.

The Laboratory has been able to master the technology of MCT layers containing Dirak, including nanostructures based on them. This is one of the hottest problems in modern semiconductor physics - topological insulators - new quantum state of substances.



The HGCdTe manostructure technology has also been mastered in the Laboratory

Deep profile of grown nanostructure: the QW from HgCdTe is seen at 120 nm.


This technology will be implemented in the industry to produce high-sensitivity and high-speed thermal imaging cameras - Patent No. P.403346.



Effect of Dirac point on electrons and phonics in nanostructures based on semiconductor compounds HgCdTe, HgZnTe, WND-RPPK.01.03.00-18-053 / 12. Funding Source: Podkarpackie Regional Operational Program for the years 2007 - 2013, PLN 2 971 206.


G. Tomak, J. Grendys, P. Slij, CR Becker, J. Polit, R. Wojnarowska, A. Stadler, and EM Sheregii, High-temperature stability of electron transport in semiconductors with strong spin-orbital interaction, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 93, 205419 (2016).