MBE Technological Laboratory with quality control of manufactured structures: SIMS



Professor Dr hab. Eugeniusz Szeregij - prof. Director, Laboratory Manager

prof. Dr hab. Mikołaj Berchenko - prof. zw.

Dr. Charles Becker - prof. visiting

Dr Ireneusz Stefaniuk - st. Director of teaching

Mgr Małgorzata Trzyna - assistant

Mgr Mariusz Woźny - assistant

Mgr Jakub Grendysa - scientific and technical worker

Mgr Marek Witalec - engineer and administration



         Double Reactor RIBER COMPACT 21                                                                           Mass Spectrometer TOF-SIMS


The laboratory incorporates the Double Rector RIBER COMPACT 21 installation with quality inspection process of the obtained structures: Mass Spectrometry - TOF-SIMS, which allows to control with accuracy of 1018 cm-3 row.

The Laboratory has been able to master the technology of MCT layers containing Dirac point, including nanostructures based on them. This is one of the most important problems in modern semiconductor physics - topological insulators - new quantum state of substances.



The HgCdTe nanostructure technology has also been mastered in the Laboratory

Deep profile of grown nanostructure: the QW from HgCdTe is seen at 120 nm.


This technology will be implemented in the industry to produce high-sensitivity and high-speed thermal imaging cameras - Patent No. P.403346.



Effect of Dirac point on electrons and phonics in nanostructures based on semiconductor compounds HgCdTe, HgZnTe, WND-RPPK.01.03.00-18-053 / 12. Funding Source: Podkarpackie Regional Operational Program for the years 2007 - 2013, PLN 2 971 206.


G. Tomaka, J. Grendysa, P. Śliż, C.R. Becker, J. Polit, R. Wojnarowska, A. Stadler, and EM Sheregii, High-temperature stability of electron transport in semiconductors with strong spin-orbital interaction, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 93, 205419 (2016).